• Funding and accelerating fintech ventures in Kazakhstan

  • Program

    The program is a three-month acceleration program focused on growth and traction. We select top fintech, insurtech and e-commerce startups from Kazakhstan and other emerging markets that are ready to work to grow exponentially.

    Rather than taking you out of your market, we bring the expertise to you on the ground, so you remain close to your market. We bring in a wide variety of experts focused on growth marketing, product optimization, user testing, sales, fundraising and more. We teach you the best methodology to accelerate your startup and be ready to raise Series A.

  • Value Proposition

    $20K Cash

    We really want entrepreneurs to focus on their businesses, therefore providing them $20,000 of funding.

    Global Network

    Thanks to our massive network in 80+ emerging markets, startups build relationships and partnerships that wouldn’t be possible without Seedstars and its partners in Kazakhstan AIFC and MOST.


    Expertise & Support

    More than just $20K cash, we work with investees during a 10 week Acceleration Program providing tools and best practices to boost growth and prepare for the next funding round and international expansion.

  • Investment Deal

    $20,000 Cash

    Initial cash investment for up to 8% Equity.

    $132,000 In-kind

    In-kind services and perks.

    Up to $350,000

    Follow on Investment.

  • Submission Criteria

    We look for ventures with a strong founding team and international scalability.


    Profitable units economics


    Min $5k monthly revenue


    Fintech, Insurtech, E-commerce sector


    Raised less than $1 million so far

  • Timeline

    1. Application & Screening

    March 1 - April 1

    We source startups through our global startup competition Seedstars World and a network of our partners in Kazakhstan, CEE and other emerging markets.

    2. Selection

    April 1 - April 15

    The acceleration program team will conduct online and face-to-face interviews with the pre-selected startups before the final selection will be announced on April.


    3. Kick-off Bootcamp

    April 26 - April 28

    The Program kicks off with an intensive bootcamp with the main goal to define clear OKRs, setting up tools and building the foundation for growth.

    4. Acceleration Program

    April 26 - July 3

    The program runs for 10 weeks through a series of 10 modules focused on growth and Series A fundraising through weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions, expert workshops, and webinars with subject gurus.


    5. Demo Day

    July 4

    The program culminates with a Demo Day, where top investors focused on fintech, insurtech and e-commerce startups from CEE, will spend a day in intense 1:1 sessions and meetings with entrepreneurs. Demo Day will also include a Partnership Forum, where the startups can meet their potential clients.

    6. Post Demo Day Program

    July 5 - July 21

    Focus of the Post Demo Day Program is on fundraising activities and follow-up after the Demo Day.

  • Mentors

    With over 3000 experts in our network, we can tap into professionals from all sectors, industries, and regions.
    Some of our recent experts have included the ones below.

    Interested in joining us as a mentor?​

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  • About Us



    The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) is a financial free zone located in Astana, Kazakhstan, which is created to form a leading center of financial services of an international level. The AIFC's tasks are to assist in attracting investments in the country's economy by creating an attractive environment for investing in financial services, developing the securities market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensuring its integration with international capital markets.



    Seedstars funds high impact technology entrepreneurs in emerging markets. —We leverage our on the ground presence and network that covers 80 markets to discover the best early-stage ventures and provide value from idea to the later stage.



    MOST Business-incubator is the platform for complex support of the beginning entrepreneurs including training, mentoring, and access to capital. The main objective is to fully support the entrepreneurs and whole ecosystem which will lead to country's economic growth and social well-being.

  • Team

    Charlie Graham-Brown

    Managing Partner

    Seedstars Growth

    Fredrik Andersson

    Investment Manager

    Seedstars Growth

    Regina Overchyk

    Acceleration Manager

    Seedstars Growth

    Madina Tlembayeva

    Senior Manager

    AIFC Fintech Hub

    Alma Zhumabekova

    Executive Director

    AIFC Fintech Hub

  • F.A.Q.

    1. Where will the program be physically held?

    • The program will take place on the premises of AIFC, located on the territory of Astana Expo Zone. Address: Prospekt Mangilik Yel. 55, Astana 020000 Kazakhstan

    2. Are flights, visa costs, and accommodation covered?

    • We will cover a round-trip economy flight tickets and visa related costs for up to three team members of the team, but we will not cover your accommodation. You can use the cash, provided by the program, to cover the housing for the team. Invitation letters will be delivered to acquire the visas.

    3. How many team members expected to participate in the program?

    • We expect at least 1 of the co-founders of the startup to be physically present in Astana during the whole period of the program. We’ll cover flights and visa costs for up to 3 team members. If you want to bring more than three team members, you would need to coordinate that with the program manager.

    4. Is cash provided in one transfer?

    • We’ll split the $20K cash transfer into two parts: one at the beginning of the program and the second one after the Demo Day.

    5. What are the most important criteria for being selected to the program?

    • Team, traction, scalability potential of the startup.

    6. Is registration in the AIFC jurisdiction required?

    • Yes, to receive cash, we’ll ask you to register at least a subsidiary or the parent company in the jurisdiction of AIFC. More info about it here: http://www.aifc.kz/.

    7. How much equity will a startup have to provide to participate in the program?

    • We’ll provide the initial investment of $20K cash + $30K program fee and will get up to 8% of the equity in the startup. The valuation of the company will be counted on a case-by-case basis.

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